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  • chef【Ryohei Miwa】

    The name "Le Temp" means "time" in French, and it is a wish to enjoy cooking in a relaxed mood without worrying about time.
    You can feel the richness of your heart...A mature restaurant suitable for such a occasion.
    Dinner while being wrapped in the flow of the old age that transcends time creates a dramatic space creation.
    And with this "Le Temp", I want each and every person to create their own "time" story.
  • One day menu

    We have many ingredients that are indispensable for French such as foie gras, caviar, game and stewed dishes.
    The basics of classic French such as cooking methods and sauce making suited to the condition of the ingredients, please enjoy French that you can feel the "Izu" that you do not remove.
  • Dejeuner lunch(11:30 to 13:00 Last order)

    MENU ¥ 6,050(Tax and service included)

    ■L 'entree de jour
    <Terrine made of fresh fish homemade smoke and vegetables>
    ■La soupe de jour
    <Today's potage soup>
    ■La poisson de jour
    <Bresse of fresh fish Provence style>
    ■La viande de jour -Veau-
    <Veal Poiret Madeira Sauce>
    ■L'assiette de desserts
    <Assorted desserts>
    ■Cafe et petit fours
    <Coffee and Petite Fool>

    MENU ¥ 9,075(Tax and service included)

    ■Amuse Bouche
    <Amuse Bouche>
    ■L'entree de jour
    <Fresh fish salad with homemade pickles>
    ■La soupe de jour
    <Constitution of foie gras>
    ■La poisson de jour
    <Lightly steamed fresh fish and morning-caught vegetables>
    ■Les granitee
    <Reshuffle sherbet>
    ■La viand -Entrecote-
    tomorrow beef rare site>
    ■L 'assiette de desserts
    <Assorted desserts>
    ■Cafe et petit fours
    <Coffee and Petit Fours>

    *The menu changes depending on the season.
  • Diner dinner(17: 30-19: 00 Last order)

    MENU ¥ 12,100(Tax and service included)

    Accommodations:Special dinner
    ■Amuse Bouche
    <Amuse Bouche>
    ■Carpaccio de Poisson Cru aux Herbes
    <Kawana Port,Fresh fish salad with homemade pickles
    ■Potage aux Ce'pes
    <Seasonal potage soup>
    ■Braise 'de Poisson aux Le'gumes
    <Kawana Product fresh fish from Kawana Product with vegetables from home garden>
    ■Granite 'du Jour
    <Izu venison poiré poivlad sauce>
    (You can change to Ou beef sirloin steak for an additional charge of 1815 yen including tax.)
    ■Assiette de Desserts
    <Special dessert>
    ■Cafe '
    <Coffee and Petit Fours>

    MENU ¥ 16,940(Tax and service included)

    Accommodations:Chef entrusted dinner
    ■Amuse Bouche
    <Amuse Bouche>
    ■Les entres
    <Kawana Product fresh fish salad with homemade pickles>
    ■Les 2em entres
    <Foie gras saute with today's soup>
    ■Oreille de Mer cuit a la Vapeur aux Le'gumes
    <Steel Abalone Steak>
    ■Granite '
    ■Le choix des Viands
    <Ou Beef Sirloin Steak with Voldelaise Sauce>
    ■Plateau de Fromage
    ■Grand's Desserts
    <Chef special dessert>
    ■Cafe '
    <Coffee and Petit Fours>

    *The menu changes depending on the season.
    *The only difference between the two menus is the ingredients.
  • wine list

    Considering the compatibility with the food, we have a variety of wines carefully selected by the sommelier.
    Not only can you enjoy the taste of the food itself, but it also enhances the taste of the food.
  • breakfast(Last order from 8:00 to 8:40)

    You can enjoy the original taste of vegetables, such as the rutin breakfast menu, away from your usual life, and relax and start your morning with a long time.
    The day begins with a warm breakfast that is gentle on your body.
    • Breakfast

      Freshly baked bread

      Croissant/Lezanpan/Cinnamon bread


      We provide seasonal salads for your own farm and contract farmers.

      Hot spring egg

      With soup tailored with dozens of vegetables and homemade bouillon at home farm


      Seasonal fruit platter / homemade jam / juice / coffee tea etc.
  • Passion for rutin ingredients

    At this facility, the chef stocks organic fresh vegetables cultivated in his own farm, fresh seafood caught locally, etc., and keeps in mind that customers are treated daily with a cooking method that makes the best use of carefully selected ingredients. I am.
    Izu is also blessed with the environment of ingredients, and there are plenty of sea and mountain foods such as Nishiizu duck and Ashitaka Beef rare parts, fresh seafood landed at Ito Kawana Port, Japanese Spiny Lobster, abalone.
  • Restaurant cancellation policy

    Please be sure to inform us when you cancel your restaurant reservation.

    In addition, the following cancellation fee will be charged in case of reservation cancellation of 5 or more people.
    50% from 2 days before use
    100% on the day of use

    ・Traffic conditions such as traffic jams and train delays.
    ・Heavy rain or storms beyond warnings such as typhoons.Natural disasters such as earthquakes.