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Aroma massage

Notice of service suspension

New Coronavirus prevent infection with the New Coronavirus, various aroma beauty salon services will be closed until the end of March 2021.
Thank you for your understanding.

Treatment in the guest room.Two people at the same time.All course are available for men.

Instead of going to the beauty salon room to forget the busy days and spend a relaxing time,
We will deliver deep relaxation to your room by aroma treatment.

If you are atopic dermatitis, allergic or pregnant, please contact us.
If you make a reservation on the day, we may not be able to meet your request.
We recommend early booking.

Cancellations and changes made one hour prior to the reservation will incur a 100% cancellation fee.
If you are late due to traffic conditions, please contact us.
  • Aroma body care

      • ①Relaxed aroma body
        6,600 yen/40 minutes
        9,130 yen/60 minutes
        13,530 yen/90 minutes
        17,800 yen/120 minutes

        Full body treatment with aroma oils to choose from relaxing, detox, shape and balance.
        *All prices are tax-included.
      • (2) Easy & soft
        6,380 yen/40 minutes
        8,800 yen/60 minutes
        13,200 yen/90 minutes
        Extension 15 minutes 3000 yen

        Relieve stiffness and fatigue with foot acupuncture points and body massage. (Treatment while wearing clothes)
      • ③ Face beauty salon & aroma body
        13,700 yen/90 minutes
        17,900 yen/120 minutes

        Selectable face beauty salon and full body treatment with aroma oil.
        *Face beauty salon can be selected from whitening vitamin C beauty salon or wet collagen beauty salon.
        *A full-body treatment that can be selected from relaxation, detox, shape, and balance.
  • Face beauty salon

      • ①Beautiful skin vitamin C beauty salon
        5,830 yen/40 minutes
        8,580 yen/60 minutes

        Cleansing-Soft peeling-Lift-up massage-Vitamin C infiltration pack, aftercare for UV rays, recommended for spots.
      • ② Wet collagen beauty salon
        6,380 yen/40 minutes
        8,800 yen/60 minutes

        Cleansing-Soft peeling-Lift-up massage-Recommended for undiluted collagen penetration, sagging, drying and anti-aging.
  • Specialty Care

      • ① Oriental reflexology
        5,830 yen/40 minutes
        8,580 yen/60 minutes

        Uses non-organic jojoba oil to loosen the pots and lymph well.
        ・Acupoint and below the knee
        ・Acupoint and the entire leg
        ・One and one
        You can choose from three different combinations.
        Recommended for chills, swelling and after-sports care.
      • ② Maternity care
        5,500 yen/30 minutes
        7,700 yen/45 minutes

        Pregnant women's special course with organic jojoba oil without water.
        Please select your desired treatment site from body, foot and face.