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  • Smart hospitality that comes true at hotel weddings.
    Chef's taste that comes true at a restaurant wedding.
    A luxurious private space that comes true at a guest house wedding.
    All that can be achieved is the fascination of Auberge Wedding.
  • The chef's cuisine is a beautiful French that brings out the best of Izu's ingredients and does not remove the basics of classic French.

    "Food of the day" is emphasized, and it is the best attraction to have guests enjoy the Auberge "only then" blissful menu.
    It is reserved for one group per day, so you can enjoy French at house wedding.
    The theme is always. "Heartwarming dining party"
    Regardless of the format, depending on the idea, you can create a wedding style for only two people.
    It is an introduction of such a restaurant wedding.

Why I'm going to Auberge Wedding

  • ①A special restaurant called “Auberge”.

    Passionate French that you can taste only because of Izu.
    Introducing the wonderful charm that comes true from Auberge.

    We will deliver dishes that can make you smile.

    A Western-style building called "time" that can be rented out privately, like a smart hospitality and guest house.
    Auberge Le Temp offers a new wedding style.

    Auberge is a restaurant with accommodations, a hidden restaurant in the resort area.
    One of the best things about it is cooking.
    Morning vegetables and fresh seafood from Amimoto are a luxury in the environment blessed with mountains, the sea and nature.
    The chef's delicate, heartfelt French hospitality.

    Delicious food can increase happiness many times.
    For guests who spend time at the table, the taste of the dishes on the table will change the impression of the wedding.

    Everyone can enjoy nature and smiles in front of delicious food.
    I think that the wedding with a smile is important.
  • (2) We value the feelings of hospitality.

    We value much communication with our guests, not just a three-hour package to show off.
    Shape of two people's desire for "hospitality" ...

    A romantic moment to spend with your lover.

    It's nice to imagine a private auberge that you would like to go on a trip to and stay at.

    The luxurious Auberge Wedding is not only about blissful cuisine, but also relaxing time, relaxing atmosphere, and spending such space with many guests.

    Because the whole building is reserved, the wedding bar is
    Photo exhibition corner from a young age.
    Private and dessert buffet on the terrace.
    After the reception, the second time with a friend or a guest from a distant place, stay overnight and relax in the hot spring.

    Regardless of the format, we will help shape the hospitality of the two.

    The theme is always. "A warm dinner party"
    "It was really nice to be there," and the director and the bride and groom communicate with each other in a way that makes the guests feel happy.
    I want you to feel closer to the congratulations from everyone in the at-form flow of time.
  • ③ Please enjoy happiness in your wallet.

    It is characterized by being more reasonable than hotels and general ceremonial halls.
    You can make a wedding with two originalities on a small budget.

    Don't spend a lot of money on what you care about.
    Auberge Le Temp is only one great plan at Auberge Le Temp.
    After that, we will produce a wonderful day according to their wishes.

    We believe that it is best for the guests and the guests to enjoy a delicious meal together.
    "Enjoying a meal" is the auberge.
    Delicious food and an at-form atmosphere with a truly intimate wedding ceremony. Even if your budget is compact, you'll be able to get enough hospitality.

    The cost varies depending on the number of invited guests, the content of the dishes, and the passion for directing, etc., but you can prepare what you really need and do what you want, and reduce your budget.
    The wedding is a little extravagant on the honeymoon, and happiness comes to such a purse.

Bridal casual wedding plan

Bridal casual wedding plan(10 people)

  • Bridal casual wedding plan(10 people)

    Ceremony in chapel or garden.
    Then, plan to enjoy dinner with family at feel free to restaurants and dressed in civilian clothes.
    ¥ 542,800(Excluding tax)

    Church wedding & tuxedo wedding dress set Hair makeup & 6 cut photo 1 cut
    Change into plain clothes and have dinner at the restaurant & wedding cake

    *Please feel free to contact the planner for other options.
Pack fee ¥ 542,800 / Ceremony / Cooking (other ranks available: negotiable) / Drinks (other ranks available: negotiable) / Wedding Cake / Costumes (ceremony only) / Venue Costs / Hair Make / Dressing / Decoration / Embellishment / Assistance / Service fee / Produce fee
Photos and videos
×Acoustic lighting/Printed matter/gift
  • Bridal and gastronomy family plan(10 people)

    After the wedding as a wedding plan with a small number of people
    A small number of patty plans to enjoy meals with your family while wearing dresses.
    ¥ 657,800(Excluding tax)

    Church wedding & tuxedo wedding dress set Hair makeup & 6 cut photo 1 cut
    Dinner in a dress & wedding cake

    (1 additional person + ¥ 14,300)
Pack fee ¥ 657,800 / Wedding/Cuisine(There is another rank fee:Negotiable)/drink(There is another rank fee:Negotiable)/Wedding cake/Costume/Venue fee/Hair makeup / dressing/Decoration and decoration/Acoustic lighting/Assistance/Bride and groom waiting room/service charge/Produce fee
Photos and videos


¥ 3,000(Standard)Sparkling wine for toast/wine/Beer/whisky/Soft drink
¥ 4,000Champagne for toast/wine/Beer/whisky/Sake/Shochu/Soft drink/Welcome drink
¥ 5,000Champagne for toast/wine/Beer/whisky/Sake/Shochu/Wine cocktail/Soft drink/Welcome drink
optionUpgrade to toast champagne (+ ¥ 660) / Sake (+ ¥ 660) / Shochu (+ ¥ 660) / Welcome drink(+ ¥ 660)
  • (consumption tax,10% service charge)
    *Please feel free to contact the planner for other options.

Wedding Cake

  • Wedding Cake"Plenty of three berries"

    The WD cake is made to order while consulting with the patissier.
    There are plenty of berries inside and on top of the square cake.
    Bride who loves cats.
    The point this time is. "Cat hand"
    Made of macaroons and decorated around.
    The image that the bride wrote was the upper right picture.
  • Wedding Cake"Carrots and summer tangerines"

    Vegetable & Fruit Meister (aka Vegetable Sommelier) bride.
    We have prepared a WD cake using vegetables on request.
    A five-layer cake with a layer of homemade brides' summer marmalade and butter cream between sponges using carrots.
    The natural sweetness of carrots and the slight bitterness of marmalade make it an adult cake.
  • Wedding Cake"I tried to repeat their feelings"

    Bespoke wedding cake.
    On the square cake is a two-tiered heart cake.
    With the hope of two lovers of shortcake, I strewed plenty of strawberries.
    The point this time is. "Collaboration of pink flowers and cake"
    The passion was the bride, the total balance.
  • Themes, such as how to meet and the hobbies of the two, are free.
    Shape your passion ...Take time to make a meeting with the patissier, and make it fun.

Bridal message

  • Shohei,Akiko
    Congratulations on your wedding!
    Two bright people who exchanged lightly since the time of the in-depth meetings held many times.
    Unfortunately, it was a lively ceremony that symbolized the two bright people.
    Laughing with the guests, crying together, a party with a warm sense of unity,
    It was impressive to change the costumes many times and create a ceremony with passion.
    I wish you many years of happiness!
  • Yasuyuki,Kazuyo
    Congratulations on your wedding.
    Passion not to use a projector.
    Dignified behavior and careful attention to guests in various positions.
    It was a party full of smiles and blessings.
    I wish you many years of happiness!
  • Yusuke Miha
    Congratulations on your wedding!
    Handmade wedding....
    I was troubled and thought a lot.
    As the ceremony day approaches...A typhoon has arrived.
    On the day, the weather is very blessed
    In addition, we received a blessing from many people and it became a wonderful party.
    A little happening ...You two have blown away with their bright smiles!
    I wish you many years of happiness!
  • Atsuro Yuko
    Congratulations on your wedding!
    Yuko full of Atsuro, and Atsuro warmly at the bride, are both smiling and cheerful.
    The groom fell asleep on the day before the ceremony because of busy work....
    To revive on the day ...I was surprised.
    No, I was worried.
    Cheers to the two wonderful people!
    I wish you many years of happiness!
  • Yoshio Yuki
    Congratulations on your wedding!
    Yoshio, your groom, couldn't meet you much because you had a lot of work schedules.
    That much,Yuki bride...While you were busy, you did your best while coming from Tokyo!
    Scuba diving is a common hobby of two people and cakes are also ...!!
    Created with the image of the sea! ^^
    We wanted a garden ceremony, but we were blessed with many blessings because we were not blessed with the weather, and we held a public ceremony.

    I wish you many years of happiness!
  • Yasuhiro Fumiko
    Congratulations on your wedding!
    A lot of your thoughts ...It was a wedding ceremony with the feeling that all of us staff made it together!
    It was a very good formula.
    I wish you many years of happiness!
  • Takeru Mizue
    Congratulations on your wedding!
    Takeru looking at the bride with a gentle look was impressive, and the letter from Mizue to her parents at the reception was warm and kind.
    really really...It was a hot day, but the public ceremony in the garden was full of happiness with the blessings from everyone!
    I wish you many years of happiness!
  • Yasuharu Kanako
    Congratulations on your wedding!
    Yasuharu from the metropolitan area to Ito, where Yasuharu's parents' house is, a wedding reception was held ...Everyone's sake (sake) has gone on!
    I wish you many years of happiness!
    Congratulations on your wedding!
    Two people living in Australia...It was a party all the way home.
    I'm glad I was blessed with the weather!
    Be happy forever while being watched over by the happy god of June Bride!
  • Toshio Miyuki
    Congratulations on your wedding!
    Toshio decides everything quickly, decided to run through from the application to the reception! It was saved!
    It was going to be fine without Teru Teru Bozu! ^^/
    I wish you many years of happiness!
  • Fuyuhiko Kaeko
    Congratulations on your wedding!
    On this day, a live performance of a quartet of two friends' stringed instruments!
    It was wonderful.
    I wish you many years of happiness!
  • Hiroki Maria
    Congratulations on your wedding!
    On the day of the event, they performed a piano duet.
    Without practice ...It was a real hit !? Surprised...It was a great success!
    I wish you many years of happiness!