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  • Nearby attractions【Ito City】

    • Mt Omuro

      Mt Omuro has a beautiful soft curved silhouette that looks like a bowl on all Izu Plateau of the Izu Plateau.
      It is a dormant volcano with a crater-shaped crater 300m in diameter on the summit at an altitude of 580m.
      From the top of the Amagi Mountains, you can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view from Oshima floating in Sagami Bay, from Izu Shichito Islands to Amagi Mountains, Mt Fuji, and the mountains leading to Hakone.
      The bowl tour around the crater is a really pleasant walking course with no obstructions.

      Traffic:It is approximately 30 minutes by 15km car from JR Ito Station
      Ito Station or Izu-Kogen Station, take the Tokai Bus to Shaboten Park get off
    • Mt Komuro

      It is a natural park centered on Mt Komuro at an altitude of 321m.
      From the foot of the mountain to the top of the Amagi Mountains, you can enjoy a 360-degree view of the scenery such as the Izu Shichito Islands and Amagi Mountains floating in Sagami Bay from the panoramic observatory.
      Mt Komuro the foot of Mt Komuro, 100,000 azaleas of 40 species and 100,000 azaleas of 1,000 species blooming like a red carpet on a hill in the spring bloom from mid-October to mid-April. It is a famous place for flowers that can be enjoyed all year round, including cherry blossoms everywhere.
      The park has a rest house, four gateball fields, a municipal general ground, 18 tennis courts, and a baseball field.

      Traffic:In Tokai Bus than about 15 minutes Ito Station 6km car from JR Ito Station Komuroyama Lift get off immediately
    • Jogasaki Coast

      Jogasaki Coast is a magnificent lava rock coast with large ingress and egress created by lava flowing into the sea when Mt Omuro erupted about 4000 years ago.
      The shoreline is lined with cliffs, and the view from the cape to the cape, which is deep and intricate, is truly spectacular.
      There is a 9km hiking course centered around the Kadowaki Lighthouse. Above all, the Kadowakizaki Sea Suspension Bridge is 48m long and 23m high and is a thrilling experience.
      Mozukane Shinnori such as, a unique name given by local fishermen Cape and Kishu-ko related Bora barn, flower bloom Izu Oceanic Park throughout the year, Nichiren Shonin related Renchakuji Temple, Shuoshi Mizuhara Kuhi (slab with haiku) There are various highlights of nature and historical culture such as Shuoshi Mizuhara Kuhi (slab with haiku).
      You can enjoy a spectacular view of the Jogasaki Coast from the sea on a sightseeing boat departing and departing from Futo Port.

      Traffic:It is approximately 30 minutes by 15km car from JR Ito Station(Parking available / paid)
      About 25 minutes on foot from Izukyuko, Jogasaki Coast Station
    • Sakura-no-Sato

      Sakura-no-Sato, a vast site, which spread to Mt Omuro foothills 40,000㎡ of 15km to the south of Ito city, in a park where 40 species 3,000 cherry trees have been planted, has been developed from 1977 degrees over the 1979 fiscal year Was.
      You can enjoy flowers all year round in the park.
      From winter to spring, rape blossoms bloom like yellow carpets, Hemerocallis has yellow or orange flowers in early summer, and colorful cosmos sways in the wind from July to early autumn.

      Traffic:It is approximately 30 minutes by 15km car from JR Ito Station
      Ito Station Tokai Bus from Ito Station or Izu-Kogen Station get off at "Sakura-no-Sato"
    • Lake Ippekiko

      It is called "Izu-no-Hitomi" and is a beautiful lake with a gourd-shaped landscape around 4km.
      The Amagi Mountains reflected on the surface of the lake show cherry blossoms in the spring, autumn leaves in the fall, and the four seasons.
      There are also many cultural facilities such as museums in the surrounding area, and you can enjoy an elegant feeling during the tea time on the terrace of the adjacent Izu Lake Ippekiko Museum.
      It is said that the haiku poets, Yosano Couple, also loved this lake, and it is famous for bass fishing, and there are some big fish.

      Traffic:In Tokai Bus than about 20 minutes Ito Station 12km car from JR Ito Station Lake Ippekiko get off immediately